Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teak spirit house, 'Vihara Spirit House'

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Teak spirit house, 'Vihara Spirit House' (Thai spirit house)

Florid gables bring artistic grandeur to a captivating spirit house. Pirot Gitikoon preserves Buddhist spiritual traditions as he carves the temple by hand from Thai teak. It is known as a vihara or san phra poom, meaning "guardian spirit house." When a family moves into a new house, it is customary to hold a Buddhist ceremony to invite a protective spirit to inhabit the ornate temple replica. It is believed it will bring luck, happiness, success and security against mean spirits or enemies who might threaten the family or their home.

Product Details

6.1" W x 6.9" H x 10.2" D

Weight: 1.8 lbs


Customer Reviews :
The Spirit House is truly beautiful! We visited Thailand last summer and it will be a daily reminder of the wonderful people of Thailand. Thank you.

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