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Thai Spirit House at Thai Craft Store(Ebay Store)

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"We specialize in Thai Products from the North of Thailand Sandstone Garden Sculpture, Silk, Buddhist Artwork, Oriental Asian Arts and Crafts, Handcrafted Abstract Sculpture. Quality Teak Wood Spirit Houses, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Handmade Umbrellas, Games, and many other specialist items."

This Store have lot of Thai Spirit House and handmade items by Thai :)



This Vihan (Buddhist Chapel) is a replicas of a Buddhist Temple, known as a Spirit House or (San phra phum) inspired by Buddhist faith. Handcrafted in Chiang Mai Province in the North of Thailand, from solid Teak wood.

Thai people believe that, every home or business will have a spirit that inhabits it, and the best way to keep the spirits happy is to provide them with their own beautiful home. This will keep the spirits from any wrong doing.

The beliefs of Thai people that spirits exist are so strong, that every Thai home or business will have a Spirit House (San phra phum) for the guardian spirits to live. Daily offerings of food and drink, incense, flowers or candles are made to the spirits. These offerings are made to the spirits for their blessing, and to bring good luck, happiness and security for all who live in the home, or work within the business.

The Spirit Houses are given a predominant position outside of the property, but far enough away from the home or business to keep the spirits away.

(Never place the Spirit House on the Floor or Ground this is considered bad luck)

Product description:

Size: 25 inches High x 20 inches Long x 10.5 inches Wide

Weight: 8 kilograms

Materials: Solid High Quality Teak Wood

Please note: colour and wood grain may differ due to the nature of the wood (Suitable for outdoor or indoor display)

Can see any Thai Spirit House at Thai Craft Store(Ebay Store)

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