Thursday, June 26, 2008

Handmade Books

great way to encourage reading
Before you start, gather together:2- 5 x 7 pieces of mat board2-8 1/2 x 11 pieces of decorative paper (scrap book papers or wall paper scraps work well)White glueSeveral sheets of 8 1/2 x 11-inch card stockOne shoelace or piece of ribbonHole punchDrillYour kids imagination
1. To house a collection of my kids stories, we made our own books. Cut the mat board into two 5 x 7-inch pieces. Place each piece of mat board in the center of your decorative paper.
2. Wrap the edges of the paper around the mat board. The ends will almost meet in the middle. Repeat this process so you have two pieces of 5 x 7-inch mat board covered with your decorative paper. (Much like wrapping a small package.) Glue the folded edges in place. These will serve as the front and back cover of your book.
3. Cut the card stock into ten 5 x 7-inch sheets. Stack the sheets and place them horizontally in front of you. Punch two holes, a half-inch from the left-hand side. The holes should be spaced 2-inches apart. Drill corresponding holes in the two covers.
4. Place the paper between the front and back covers so the holes align. Thread the shoelace through the holes. Leave enough slack in the laces for the pages to open and lie flat on the table. Tie a knot.
5. Have your kids write and illustrate their own story. Younger children may want to dictate their story to you. Then let them do the illustrations.
6. Create several books and start your own library. Add a sign-out sheet in the front of each book so that the children can lend their books to friends. They will love checking out each others books to read, and its even more fun to see who has read theirs.
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