Friday, June 13, 2008

Savon de Marseille (Marseille Soap) with Pure Crushed Local Flowers

Product Description
Absolute bliss. Pure, moisturizing Savon de Marseille soaps with the regional flowers of lavender, orange, rose and verbena. In the Middle Ages, big blocks of gentle soap were first crafted in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille with olive oil from local groves, marine ash and sea salted water. The quality of these soaps were immediately famous throughout Europe and in 1688 French law declared that only soaps made according to certain ancient methods could bear the important mark Savon de Marseille. Now the most prized of all soaps in the world, our Savon de Marseille is still crafted by hand, in Marseille, just as it has been for hundreds of years. It takes the Maitre de Savon (soapmaster) two weeks to make Marseille Soap. The purest ingredients (mentioned above) are heated for ten days in antique cauldrons. Know-how passed down through the generations will reveal to the soapmaster the right moment to pour the mixture into open pits where it slowly hardens. Cut into cubes and stamped, without machines of any kind, the soaps are then set out to dry in the sun and cool winds. Savon de Marseille (also known as "Marseille Soap") is once again being rediscovered for its extraordinary purity, gentle skin care and ecological value. Savon de Marseille is recommended by dermatologists throughout the world for dry or sensitive skin, eczema and other ailments. In France it has been trusted for generations to cleanse everything from linens to little faces. Marseille Soap is totally biodegradable, requires little packaging and its manufacture is environmentally friendly. Authentic Marseille Soap is stamped with its weight in grams - allowing households to compare prices and plan their inventories. No soap is "greener." In France they are sold piled high on open-air market tables like produce, wrapped in craft paper. Your Savon de Marseille will be delivered without plastic packaging, carefully wrapped in paper stamped with the famous marks to prove its authenticity.
Hand made in Marseille, France
World-famous "Savon de Marseille"
Pure fragrances of lavender, orange, verbena, rose
Gentle and moisturizing
Large 300 gram size, long-lasting and economical
Customer Reviews
Heavenly, Heavenly, HEAVENLY! Absolutely the best soaps I've ever used. Unbelievable pure lavender / verbena fragrance, soft creamy lather and gently-exfoliating flower petals from the South of France! I love French Soaps' Savon de Marseille with Crushed Flowers.

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